• Zounds Hearing was born out of Sam Thomasson’s promise to his daughter, Kate, who had lost most of her hearing as a toddler. Frustrated with the poor performance of Kate’s hearing aids, Sam, an electrical engineer, vowed to create a hearing aid that would solve the many issues of traditional hearing aids.
  • The company now holds 52 groundbreaking patents that have enabled Zounds Hearing to dramatically improve the performance of hearing aids, with features such as Intuitive Noise Cancellation™, Live Speech Mapping, Dynamic Feedback Cancellation and True Rechargeability. 2015 marked the launch of our most innovative model, the Trezio. Zounds now has over 200 locations from coast to coast and continues to grow at a rapid pace.
  • Continual improvement is an integral part of the Company’s culture, and these efforts are driven by a true understanding of the impact improved hearing has on the lives of those who depend upon this technology. This understanding comes from the experiences of store personnel who fit Zounds customers, from the many letters received from grateful customers who have experienced the difference this technology has made in their lives, and from firsthand experience with Kate, who has been wearing Zounds Hearing aids since the introduction of the power model, 10 years ago.
  • Our long term customers often ask about Kate, and want to know how she is doing. The little girl who started this revolution in hearing technology is now a senior in college, studying electrical engineering. Inspired by her father, she wants to follow in his footsteps by helping others through technology. Kate also works with the Zounds team, providing feedback on our latest features and input, from a user’s perspective, on future innovations.

“When I consider the advancements in technology and all the people who have been helped by Zounds hearing aids, It is just amazing to think that all of this has come from my Dad’s efforts to help me hear better. I am humbled by it, and so impressed by everything Dad and his team have accomplished.”
– Kate Thomasson

“I am thankful for the many thousands of people that have become customers and who have joined me in my quest to change this industry and bring down the cost of a product that most of us will need in our lifetime. This started out as something I needed to do for my daughter, but became bigger than both of us. It is incredibly rewarding to have helped so many.”
– Sam Thomasson